Ladies Team




March 19 v Melville United (h). 0-7 loss.


Waikato Ladies Division

02/04/17 11:00 Melville Development (a). 0-3 loss. More…
09/04/17 11:00 Melville United (h). 0-5 loss. More…
23/04/17 11:00 Cambridge FC (a). 2-5 loss (Goals: Cat Morris, Patrice Morrison). More…
30/04/17 11:00 Hamilton Wanderers (a). 3-3 draw (Goals: Patrice Morrison, Holly Manton, Manon van Lith). More…
07/05/17 11:00 Claudelands Rovers (h). 3-0 win (by default).
14/05/17 13:00 Claudelands Rovers CRAFT (a). 3-0 win (Goals: Manon van Lith, Kerrie Cox, OG). More…
21/05/17 11:00 Mangakino (h) – CUP. 11-0 win. (Goals: Manon van Lith 4, Kerrie Cox 2, Annemieke Verstraten 2, Julia Reay, Zoe Reichardt, Holly Manton). More… Photos here.
28/05/17 11:00 Waikato Unicol (h)
11/06/17 11:00 Northern United (a)
18/06/17 11:00 Tokoroa AFC (h)


Waikato Ladies A – 2017

1Cambridge Ladies44003052512
2Tokoroa Ladies44001621412
3Melville Premier Ladies4301203179
4Melville Ladies Res4301133109
5Claudelands Premier Ladies42118447
6Northern Utd Ladies4202720-136
7Matamata Ladies5113816-84
8Unicol Ladies4013312-91
9Wanderers Ladies4013416-121
10Claudelands Ladies5005331-280

Click here for the full 2017 Waikato Ladies Division draw.


Explaining the 2017 season (well, trying to…)

Due to our 2016 finishing position we have ended up in Waikato Women’s Division A for 2017. To be fair, this came as a bit of a shock. There have been a lot of player movements and team withdrawals in the leagues above, which left us as the tenth-ranked Waikato team ahead of the 2017 season.

The 10 team Waikato A league will run for one full round over nine weeks. This will decide the winner of Waikato Division A for 2017.

After that, the top 4 teams from each of Waikato A and Bay One Ladies will combine for one full round over 7 weeks. This will decide the winner of the Federation league – a new competition in which points do not carry through. It is the intention that this will give those teams a taste of competition at that level, with a view to them playing there next season.

The remaining six teams in Waikato A will start a new competition – the Waikato Women’s Bowl. As this is a new competition points will start from scratch.


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